((This is my creative response to the poem “Travel Guide To The Country Of Your Birth” by poet Kapka Kassabova. I have taken the concept of the original poem but applied the style to my own home town.))

A Travel Guide To Runcorn Streets

By the southern bank of the river Mersey

which is passed by the Manchester ship canal through the Runcorn gap.

The silver jubilee bridge, dubbed just the Runcorn-Widnes one,

bridges over the Runcorn gap.

Once the longest bridge of its kind at 361 yards or 330 meters

until being beaten just weeks later by the Tamar bridge.

The shopping city, nickname of Halton Lea,

holding 36 different places, from food stores, banks, to a single casino.

The most recent addition being The Range. It deals with homeware, leisure, technology and accessories.

Outside there is even more commercial buildings such as the cinema, Dominoes, and Wynsors.

Halton Brook community centre has a small function room

a capacity of 20

and a café that can be used for afternoon meetings

also with a capacity of 20.

In the shop you can learn how blood looks oddly like red paint, as you watch it pour from a teenage girl, whose screaming about being stabbed in the face.