Hi there, reader. ^-^ This is Robin here, I’d say for once without a creative response or a review but I have been rather lax in posting up here so I guess that opening line doesn’t work out. Lets pretend though and just say for once I’m here to shout-out to talented  Author and Youtuber, Jenna Moreci, as I feel as though she offers some beneficial advice for any aspiring novelist.

Jenna Moreci is an American writer with her self-published debut novel “Eve: The Awakening” published in August 12, 2015. Currently, this is her only novel published but she is working on the manuscript of her second novel, “The Savior’s Champion,” which from what I last heard I believe is in the process of being beta read.

While I discovered Moreci through her Youtube chanel, and am more familiare with her advice there, we will start by discussing Moreci’s literary works. I feel that should be the main focus of her as an author, plus, you need to know what gives her the right to give you advice before you hear about the advice. Admittedly, I am only 31% through her debut novel the new adult, sci-fi, “Eve: The Awakening” (but that is an improvement on when I first made this post and hadn’t read the novel at all).The story of Eve is of a nineteen year old girl who has faced years of abuse and rejection due to her status as a “chimera” and has started attending Billington university attempting to live a normal human life. However, “interlopers” have infiltrated the university and have sinister plans for “chimera’s” like Eve. You can read the first three chapters online for free on Jenna Moreci’s website: here.

I would recommend her novel even if you are not a typical sci-fi fan, I know I am not which is why I was apprehensive in reading the novel in the first place. However, the sci-fi elements are not too overbearingly done and there are still moments that are routed in current society rather then futuristic problems of the future. An example, the issues between Eve, Madison, and Heather which feel like a genuine college drama that could happen to anyone. It has sense realism in its characterization and plot that makes it worthwhile.

Her next novel, “The Savior’s Champion” is one I am more likely to add to my reading list (though based on how I enjoyed the . Less can be said about this novel it is not yet published but excerpts of it have been uploaded onto Moreci’s blog and plenty of questions have been answered about the plot there too. I am sure more information will come when a release date has been determined and such like that, but, I would keeping an ear out for it.

The last thing, and main thing,  I’d like to draw your attention to Moreci’s YouTube channel. Here she posts videos on a range of different writing topics, her most recent video as I’m writing this was on how to write humor (as I’m writing this the first time this is). Videos are posted weekly and are highly informative as well as being entertaining, a skill sometimes lacking in writing advice videos. Particular videos that I find useful (your struggles as a writer may differ but I’m sure you will find something for them here) are the “how to handle self doubt as a writer” which gives a lot of useful advice on insecurity in your writing ability and “how to outline your novel” which helps deal with one of my own person main struggles of writing. Sometimes it is useful to watch videos of information you already know too, though maybe it also just me who get comfort in hearing another person writes like this too. She also has a few videos on marketing and the business side of writing, an aspect I feel that is commonly overlooked by some aspiring writers so I would suggest giving her marketing video a watch.

Conclusions, Jenna Moreci is a talented writer who can also offer some well informed advice on the actual writing process. What is not to love? Subscribe to her YouTube channel and you will not regret it.