((This is my creative response to the poetry of Sandeep Parmar in her book “Eidolon” As her book tells partly of a modern revision of the Greek myth Helen that is the part I have focused on. In my creative response I have taken the Norse myth of the wolf Fenris and placed him in modern society.))

“Go back home. We don’t need monkey’s taking jobs here.”

The guy had been yelling to a black woman on the bus for the past three stops now. It was uncomfortable to listen to. The woman just ignored him, she was talking to her friend in a language I recognised.

“Take your damn words back to Africa.”

She was speaking Norwegian, my native language. Though my geography is not the greatest I am pretty sure that is not in Africa. The woman kept ignoring him. It was a crowded bus; she didn’t expect him to go beyond yelling abuse. More likely she hoped anyway.

“We voted your kind out of here.”

When they said it was vote leave or stay this is not what I thought they had meant.

He is a meathead of a guy, I’m not sure if what was under his shirt was fat or muscle. I wonder if it was him who destroyed the local polish corner shop. Then again, that was more likely a group of people, younger people, younger people with baseball bats.

The woman gets off the bus. No one said anything. No one helped her. Not even me. You train a dog to sit and so I stayed in my seat.

Tomorrow would be a new day though.

Tomorrow would be worse.

The same guy got on the bus. I gripped the pole I was holding onto tighter as he yelled about how a woman should take her headscarf off so he can be sure there isn’t a bomb under it. Like the last time the man is ignored.

I grit my teeth as the guy tries to physically pull the scarf away. I’d grab him myself if I was close but there are too many people between me and him. I just stand, knuckles white but expectation written on my back in thick black ink.

“Keeping everyone safe. A hero I am.” The man gloats over the woman now knocked to the floor by the disabled seats. He is holding the scarf up into the air like a hunting trophy. I just hope one day this fox meets the hound.

It is a week before the man gets back on the bus. He made his presence known as he slapped a woman’s arse on his way past. She had been bending over to secure the pram her child was in. She glared at the man but then quickly took her seat. It seems it is not just me who is trained to sit back down.

When the man took his seat he too started glaring. “That is just a disgusting display of affection.” He had happened to sit behind two boys holding hands. One of the boys had just kissed the others cheek.

They hadn’t seemed to notice the glares of the man. He of course wasn’t satisfied as he tapped the pair on the shoulder. “You know there are kids on this bus, right?” They started at him startled. Fox has met the rabbits.

“E-Excuse me.” His voice was meek and he quickly shuffled away from his partner.

“We weren’t doing anything wrong!” The other boy was more apprehensive but was quickly pulled back down by the meek one.

“There are kids on this bus.” He gestured towards the woman with the pram who was still avoiding looking anywhere near him. “They don’t need to see a couple of fags getting all close. Save it for the bedroom, yeah?”

The couple did not go near each other for the rest of the bus journey. They didn’t even look at each other. One started out the window and the other down at his hands.

When it came to my usual stop it wasn’t just me getting off. The man was getting off to, he walked a little in front of me. Finally, I had got him in the wolf’s den.

It was time to stand up now with fangs bared. He couldn’t beat me. I tore the arm off the rich twat that bullied my poor clothes and accent. I can tear this one limb from limb. No one can stop me. Remember expectation? Well it is time for the pay off.

I am the one who will eat the moon and sun if need be. I am the one who will break the establishment. I am the hound and it is time for you to run. You will not get far. I am the one who knows what it is like to be chained. I am the one will make sure no one else is ever chained again. You fear me? You should. Everyone does. You will not beat me.





He was not on the bus again.

There was a woman. She flicked her long hair and wore a flashy brown suit. “I am not a racist but…”

There is always more.

Ragnarok is coming. It has to be coming. It has to be coming because it will not stop until the whole world burns. Only in ashes will true justice be served.

I am Fenris and this is the end.