Hello there ^-^ Robin here. I’m an amateur writer from the north-west England, though I do have a poem here that literally tells you my home town so I guess that wouldn’t have been hard to find out by digging through. Currently, I am studying creative writing at university and made this blog originally to broadcast reviews and creative responses I made on this course. Perhaps I will continue the blog past my university course but I typically never like to say things more than a year in the future with any certainty.

Typically, the books I like to read are YA novels. One of my most recent reads of this category being “Carry On” by Rainbow Rowell which tells of the rise and fall of chosen one Simon Snow. However, I am currently trying to broaden by reading horizons you may say and thus gained an interest in the Glen Duncan novel “I, Lucifer” of the supernatural fiction genre. The book is told as you may guess from the perspective of fallen angel Lucifer as he navigates the human world in a new human body and tries to learn about the fundamental basics of humanity both in the physical sense and the mentality.