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Fables Festival: Progress Log #4

As part of the promotional process, which is what this log will focus on, I helped with the placing of the posters and the fliers. Decisions on how the posters and fliers would look were made as a collective but the base designing of them was done by Alicia and Yasmin.

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Fables Festival: Progress Log #3

Since the last log was documenting a failure of mine it makes sense to follow this was a log centred around something I was a little more successful at (along with the help of Racheal). This is finding the location.

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Fables Festival: Progress Log #2

Finding guests for the festival was of vital importance, after all you can’t have an audience without readers. An idea I had was getting into contact with my college theatre studies tutor to put on a short performance with his students. Unfortunately, this is an idea that worked better in theory then it did in ability to come to fruition.

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Fables Festival: Progress Log #1

As part of my creative writing course I am putting on a literature festival. The team consists of myself (Robin), Alicia, Yasmin, Racheal, and Rob. We are very excited to be doing this and this blog will be filled with my progress logs of how the event is going. This log will focus on the early logistics and issues that we encountered.

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((This is my creative response to the poetry of Sandeep Parmar in her book “Eidolon” As her book tells partly of a modern revision of the Greek myth Helen that is the part I have focused on. In my creative response I have taken the Norse myth of the wolf Fenris and placed him in modern society.)) Continue reading “Ragnarok”

Review: After Dark

After Dark offers me the longest stretch of time I have spent sat in Denny’s just to stare out the window and drink coffee.

It is a book by Japanese author Haruki Murakami originally published in 2004. He is a highly distinguished writer both inside of Japan and outside meaning there must be an audience for his work somewhere. In fact, his audience must be vast as he was originally 4/1 favourite to win a Nobel Prize of literature in 2016.

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Review: Yves Klein

It takes a very specific type of man to create an art exhibit of eleven identical blue squares, and perhaps an even more specific type to create nearly two hundred of these monochrome paintings.

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A Tribute To A Talented Writer

Hi there, reader. ^-^ This is Robin here, I’d say for once without a creative response or a review but I have been rather lax in posting up here so I guess that opening line doesn’t work out. Lets pretend though and just say for once I’m here to shout-out to talented  Author and Youtuber, Jenna Moreci, as I feel as though she offers some beneficial advice for any aspiring novelist.

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Mother And Son, A Translation

((This is a creative response to the poem “Mother And Daughter, A Translation” by poet Kapka Kassabova. The original concept of the poem shows snippets of dialogue followed by the subtext behind them and I followed this concept in my own response. As an addition, I did use the title “translation” to also be a play on the word “transgender” because really, who doesn’t love a play on words.)) Continue reading “Mother And Son, A Translation”

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